Plaisir du sucre au risque du Prédiabète

How can the pleasure brought by sugar, by repetitive behaviors, eventually provoke a pathology as disabling as type II diabetes?
The prediabetes, poorly insidious recently identified, affects a growing number of people. But it is reversible, because it is possible to act to prevent its aggravation to type II diabetes. The solution requires early detection and simple measures. That’s what this book proposes. Through testimonies, we learn to recognize the signs of prediabetes. A dietary and physical hygiene protocol explains what should be put into practice to prevent overweight and illness. Beyond that, it is the story of our relationship to sugar that this book explores, as recent scientific studies shed new light on how our organization manages the pleasure of sugar.
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Dr. Réginald Allouche is a doctor, engineer and researcher in the field of diabetes prevention and overweight, and author of several books for the general public. In 1998, he founded Laboratoire Kot.

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