Mincir à satiété

(In French)

What do Linda, a 35-year-old executive assistant, Kate, a 40-year-old salesperson, Naomi, a 27-year-old engineer, Karl and Anna, 60-year-old pensioners have in common? Despite differences in way of life, eating habits and careers, they all have weight to lose and, above all, a tremendous deficit in satiety: these persons – who are like us – don’t hear the signals from their body which have a key role in knowing when to eat and when to stop.
In this book, for the first time, scientists and researchers take a deep look, describe and classify those troubles.
Because, whatever the will to diet, feeling hungry has to be managed or otherwise it can ruin the efforts made.
To avoid that major pitfall, here is a revolutionary diet program that takes into consideration appetite and the capacity of satiety, a major key for success.
A fun and easy, serious and effective method, that everybody can follow thanks to an original test with different satiety profiles, and many dieting advice.

A personalized formula allowing everybody to reeducate the appetite and to lose weight easily, without frustration or crave.

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